Roxborough apartments

Roxborough Apartments: How to Find Your Perfect Place

Roxborough apartments vary greatly in terms of size, condition, and included amenities. Consequently, finding the best unit for your household can be challenging.

Fortunately, future residents can utilize this helpful guide to shorten their apartment search and discover the best apartments in Roxborough. So, let’s explore the best ways to locate and secure a top-notch unit.

Finding Apartments in Roxborough

Those looking to find an apartment in Roxborough should consider several crucial factors, including:

  • Apartment Location
  • Community Amenities
  • Unit Sizes
  • Leasing Options

Apartment location is perhaps the most essential aspect of finding a new home. Prospective tenants will want to select an apartment that’s located near desirable amenities such as grocery stores, gas stations, or schools.

Of course, community amenities are also worth exploring. Some apartment communities offer a wealth of resident-only services and amenities, including access to fitness areas, dog parks, and laundry facilities.

Unit size is also worth taking into account. Naturally, residents will need to choose an apartment that fits their household size. Leasing options are also worth thinking over, as not all apartments offer full-year leases.

Moving to Roxborough: What to Expect

Before moving to the Roxborough neighborhood, it’s crucial to consider what life is like in this area.

Living near a large city like Philadelphia also offers some advantages, including increased access to public transportation, high-rated schools, and unforgettable attractions.

Cost of Living

Firstly, it’s crucial to note that Roxborough’s cost of living is slightly higher than the Philadelphia average. This higher cost of living reflects the community’s semi-affluent residents and businesses.

Roxborough provides an ideal combination of urban amenities and suburban properties, attracting many well-to-do families and individuals.

Therefore, households planning to move here should expect to spend slightly more than the national average on groceries, transportation, and rent.

Public Transportation

Roxborough’s close proximity to the Downtown Philadelphia area (about 10 miles) ensures that residents have access to public transportation options.

Those living in this community can take a bus into the heart of Philadelphia by taking a short walk to the Ridge Av & Port Royal Av bus stop. Naturally, rideshare services are also an option for those without personal vehicles. 

Local Attractions

Living in Roxborough means living only a short drive away from Downtown Philadelphia. Therefore, residents can enjoy the dozens of Philadelphia attractions without having to stray too far from home.

Local neighborhood attractions are also relatively impressive. After all, this community is known for its cyclist-friendly roads and expansive park areas. Roxborough is also home to quite a few highly-rated restaurants and bars.

Choosing The View At Manayunk

Those moving into the Roxborough neighborhood can expedite their apartment search by choosing The View At Manayunk, one of several Philadelphia apartments managed by M & M Management.

Apartments at The View At Manayunk range from cozy studios to spacious two-bedroom units. These pet-friendly apartments are ideal for single adults, couples, and small families.

Additionally, The View At Manayunk offers tenants a wide selection of competitive amenities, including CCTV security, an intercom system, and in-unit washer and dryer appliances.

This community’s fitness gym makes it easy for residents to exercise safely. Moreover, pet parents will also adore the conveniently-located on-property dog washing station.

If you’re moving to the Philadelphia area, be sure to consider The View At Manayunk. It’s one of many top-rated M & M Management properties in the Roxborough and nearby Manayunk neighborhoods.

Discover the Best Roxborough Apartments

Finding the best Philadelphia properties often means considering location, amenities, leasing options, and crime statistics. But those moving to the Roxborough neighborhood don’t need to search far to find a great home.

Roxborough apartments at The View At Manayunk are some of the best in the city. These are safe, spacious, and amenity-rich units that are ideal for individuals, couples, and families.

Be sure to contact us today for more information about The View At Manayunk and other M & M Management properties.

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