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Living in Philadelphia: Everything to Know About Lawncrest Apartments

A Great Place to Stay In the Philadelphia Area

Looking into renting an apartment in the Philadelphia area? Lawncrest Apartments, which can be found right outside downtown Philadelphia, includes affordable living, great amenities, and a wonderful surrounding area. 

Lawncrest Apartments offer residents a safe place to live with public transportation nearby to help make traveling around the area easy and accessible. While several factors are considered when deciding where to live, we think Lawncrest Apartments could be a good fit for you!

Our blog also includes additional tips and recommendations for those looking into renting an apartment. Keep reading to see why Lawncrest Apartments would be the best fit.

Affordable Pricing and Great Amenities

For the most part Lawncrest Apartments, despite being in a great location, have kept prices affordable for residents. In general, apartment costs largely depend on the size of the unit; however, this article about Fox Chase Park will give you more information about the cost and size of our different living options. 

At Fox Chase Park, you can choose between a:

  • 550 square foot studio apartment 
  • 660 square foot one-bedroom apartment
  • 810 square foot two-bedroom apartment. 

With our goal of affordability and luxury, we have set apartment costs in the range of $895 to $1245 a month.

To learn more about other offerings in the Lawncrest area, check out this article about Jason Court. This property provides 660 square foot one-bedroom apartments with rent at $945 a month. 

Each apartment is equipped with amenities that can help make the quality of life more enjoyable. Such amenities include:

  • baseboard heat in each unit
  • on-sight laundry
  • off-street parking. 

To make things easier for our tenants, all online payments and maintenance requests can be handled entirely online.

Pet-Friendly Housing

Pets are welcome at our lawncrest apartments! Dogs that are less than 40 pounds and not aggressive are able to stay on the property for a $200 deposit and a $35 monthly payment. 

We recognize that pets are a part of your family, so these are great places for you and your pets to live in Philadelphia! 

Lawncrest Apartments Have a Great Location

Located right outside of downtown Philadelphia, transportation from Lawncrest allows for a quick and easy trip over to some great history, food, and fun. Feel free to check out all the great things to do in the area. 

Families with children will also have access to the great schools nearby! M & M Real Estate  apartment locations are great for students in the School District of Philadelphia.

College students will also find that it is just a short ride to the surrounding campuses. Our apartments are a quick drive or train ride away from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, and Drexel University. 

Spotlight Features

The two lawncrest apartments properties that we have highlighted are the aforementioned Fox Chase Park and Jason Court. Both of which offer a safe, affordable, and enjoyable environment for residents. 

Fox Chase Park offers a variety of units to choose from, leaving it up to you to choose the best fit. Luxurious amenities, affordable prices, and proximity to Philadelphia are all great benefits that come from choosing to live here! 

Similarly, Jason Court is a Philadelphia property that is both convenient and comfortable, and each unit has AC, spacious closets, and open kitchens. Close to Fox Chase Train Station, you’re just a quick train ride away from a destination in the Philadelphia area. Jason Court also includes great amenities for residents. 

Find a Lawncrest Apartment Today

Interested in these Philadelphia properties? Take a look at our website  to get even more details on Lawncrest Apartments. Our goal is to help you find a great place to live that is affordable and in a safe location that allows you to easily travel within the Philadelphia area.

Contact us here to speak with one of our employees. We look forward to talking with you and helping you find the best apartment! 

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